Sunday, 18 October 2015

Fantastic grandparents

Keelan Rowley should be so proud of his Nanna and Poppa. They are so generous with their time. A massive thank you!!!!!!!!!!

Great Observational skills

Last week some of our students discovered small caterpillars on the Swan plants. They used their observational science skills to study the small creatures and to share with each other. It was lovely to observe the students, as the sharing went across age groups.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Term 4 week 1

Welcome back to school. We have had a very busy first week. Mrs Allen's room is looking fantastic with its white beams and Room 2 is on its way to having shiny new white beams. Our rooms are going to be light and airy.

This week we have been learning about Statistics in Maths. We did a survey about the kinds of icecreams we like in Rooms 1&2. We then recorded our results on a tally chart and using a pictograph. We also did a problem solving activity in groups. We learnt to listen to each other's ideas.

Problem Solving activity

Kearan is explaining to Mrs Port how his lego creation works. He is going into a lot of detail.

Jordan had un unfortunate incident in the toilet today. The lock jammed and he was stuck for awhile. He was very brave and managed to free himself with the help of Mrs Waddel. Back in class he decided to write about his crisis and then share it with us next week.

The boys creating master pieces. Plans and amazing vehicles.

The games table where lots of thinking was going on. Cameron worked his way through the beginning cards of Hoppers.

Tony reading stories.

lots of creativity. The girls love drawing and writing.

Jake playing Rush Hour. Lots of strategy thinking involved.

Farah making number patterns on the hundreds board.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Alligator Alley

We have been learning about crocodiles and alligators this week. We read the big book Mrs O'Malley's Alligator Alley.
Ruby Lee creatively used play dough to recreate one of the pages

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Kangaroos by Sharlise, Zoe and Joel

Today we read a book about Kangaroos in our reading group. These are some facts we learnt about:

Kangaroos have big strong legs that they use for jumping. They Bounce along with their tails behind them.
A baby kangaroo gets out of its pouch when it is six months old.
All kangaroos can hear well. They can smell and see well too.
Mother Kangaroos stand still so that their joeys can climb back into the pouch. A group of Kangaroos is called a mob.

By Sharlise, Zoe and Joel

Saturday, 15 August 2015


Ashton and Keelan started off using the pattern cards, but soon moved into designs of their own. There was much discussion about shape and form, what the structure should look like and keeping with a specific pattern. The two boys worked co-operatively and pulled others into their learning along the way.


Today we all came to school in our pyjamas. It was a great day for it- as it rained and rained.